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 Otemachi Place was built to promote its modern integration in the Otemachi, Kanda and Nihonbashi areas that played central roles in Japanese culture and economy from the Edo to the Meiji, the Taisho, the Showa and the Heisei period. It's not too much to say that Otemachi Place has an important role to show innovative appearance in a new area, in both fields, from Edo to Meiji, Taisho, Showa and Heisei era. These areas have gazed at the transit from Edo to Tokyo not only in Genroku, Bunka and Bunsei era in the Edo period but also from turbulent period of the Meiji Restoration to the post-war reconstruction, and in modern times they continue to set a paradigm shift in the loT's era of finance and the Internet.

 Now large vector and trend of economy in Japan are just shifting to cultural economy oriented, we will establish Otemachi Art Laboratories here with NTT Urban Development, in order to do the experiment of comprehensive innovation with the expression, technology, elements and cultural resources expected as the great motivation setter in the future society, and we would like to promote making of the creative foundation for the future city in this area, through the living art-experiment.

Director, Curator: Junji ITO
Junji Ito

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