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THURSDAY 4/4/2019 - FRIDAY 28/6/2019

   The Mystery of The Tower of Babel – Creation of Art Data Science

 According to the pseudo-book of Jubilees, God gave Noah's sons various parts of the world and ordered to live there. But people create a tower which reaches the sky with new technology, tried to raise Shem high, and thought to avoid human beings scattering to various places. God descended and saw this tower and said, "Human started this, because of the same language. Then I will disturb people’s language, and let them speak different languages that do not communicate with each other". Therefore people were confused, stopped building the tower, and spread around the world.

   The Tower of Babel is famous for the two masterpiece paintings of the large and small one, painted from 1563 to 65, and as above, it’s the story that God destroyed this tower to punish the human’s idea that gathered to reached the region of God, divided them into various places, and scattered with different languages. However, there has been various interpretations of that story since ancient times.
 Whatever Pieter Bruegel’s intention to paint, human beings has repeatedly studied various thoughts and investigations to measure the true meaning of myths left in the Old Testament for hundreds of years because of his leaving these masterpieces. Isn’t it in the creation of doubts and questions raised by condensing the skill of technology and wisdom that the meaning art brings is rather than the work itself ?

   Therefore, we use the clone (replication) technology “the latest tower of babel human being created” which Tokyo University of the Arts and the Internet invented and AI technology, and by visualizing the assembled human wisdom, we demonstrate the fact that people separated language and place actually continue to effort constructive at the same time according to the Old Testament, in various aspects. Here we visualize the questions about the tower of Babel on the web and the effort to reply to them into the spiral labyrinth. And then we exhibit such art live contents derived from both the process of the hundred of years and also from the present. You will experience a moment when artistic works show a breakthrough to cultural diversity like the beam from a lighthouse in the ocean of infinite information.

Director, Curator: Junji ITO
Junji ITO

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